Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cupcakes with Love - Singapore

The Coming Cupcake Craze Crash
Cupcakes have gone global, they're multiplying like a virus.  Cutesie-poo cupcake shops have been popping up in Paris and now I'm seeing them sprout in Singapore.  Kinda reminds me of real estate in '07.  You knew things were crazy and it was going to end badly, you just didn't know when.  I enjoyed my visit to Cupcakes with Love and I wish them well but I suspect they're like a Miami condo a few years back.  It's all about timing.
My super chocolatey chocolate cupcake wasn't too bad.  I'd rank it higher than any I've tried in Paris but nowhere near the Baked level, my cupcake mecca.  Interior-wise, they get most things right.  It's interesting sitting in the polka-dot room and surfing on their free wi-fi.  I wish the tables were a bit taller but I'm nitpicking.

They offer a variety of flavors like cranberry, blueberry and red velvet and serve coffee and tea.  The cupcakes are propped up on wooden trays in a giant glass box.  We went on a weekday night and were the only ones there.  I hope things pick up for them.  Perhaps it's more crowded during the weekend.
These bus-riders were curious about the shop, or perhaps they were trying to figure why the ang mo had his camera pointed at them.
348 Tanjong Katong Rd

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  1. I've been following your blog for a while now and I just have to say how witty I find your posts and how pretty bang on you are, at least for those places in Paris. Cupcakes here look like the real deal but they're definitely not the moist, yummy ones you would find in America.
    Looking forward to your next amusing post.

  2. @Anon, thanks for your very kind comment. I am humbled, but now I feel pressure to be witty and amusing! Uh oh, I feel a dull post coming...... wahahaha.

  3. It's kinda disappointing that anything that looks so good could be so-so.

  4. Yeah Sal, nothing I have had in Singapore beats those in NY. Hungry thinking abt it.

  5. @Sal - Slightly better than so-so, but yet, it looks amazing.

  6. @Dodo - always hungry, what's new??

  7. gonna head down to this joint this weekend! hope it's good!

  8. @Zhengning - as you Singaporeans say, it's "not bad."

  9. Great reviews you do. Been meaning to try this one. How about the stretch of new eateries that have popped up in Duxton? Any worthy and kid friendly?

  10. @Stephanie - I've been to a few of the Duxton spots and have enjoyed most of them. As far as kid-friendly......I'd have to borrow the Dodo's baby niece to get a read on that? Dodo, can I borrow?


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